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The PHUJIN project (PHotonic network research project toward beyond the 5G era fully Utilizing space and wavelength dimensions by a Joint industry-academia-government INnovation driven team) seeks to scale the optical network capacity while decreasing the routing cost-per-bit and extending the optical reach by introducing spatial division multiplexing (SDM) technology using a spatial bypass through a spatial cross-connect that incorporates a core-based routing capability.

PHUJIN is a national project supported by the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) in Japan (Grant no. 00201) that was started in August 2021 and will continue for four years.

PHUJIN project

PHUJIN White Paper

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Latest News

KDDI Research, NEC and Furukawa Electric presented four papers at the international conference OFC 2024, held in San Diego (USA) from 24-28 March.
Kagawa University, KDDI Research, NEC, and santec presented six papers at the international conference OFC 2023 held in San Diego (USA) from March 5 to 9 on asymmetric data traffic accommodating space division multiplexed optical networks, 6-mode 19-core real-time transmission, space division multiplexed networks with wavelength-switched dynamic bypass, FIFO-less multicore fiber optical repeater, history and prospects of submarine optical transmission, and core-selective switches based on LCPG and MEMS.
Kagawa University, NEC, santec, and Furukawa Electric issued a press release on “Demonstration of Space Division Multiplexing Optical Network Technology Capable of Efficiently Accommodating Asymmetric Data Traffic.
The 1st workshop of the PHUJIN project was held at Kagawa University Hayashi-cho Campus. The latest research results were reported and the SDM optical network testbed (Phase 1), which was constructed by interconnecting prototypes from contracted companies, was shown to the public.
Kagawa University, KDDI Research, NEC, and Furukawa Electric presented eight conference papers on Cost analysis in spatial channel networks, Variable optical attenuation in core selective switch, Long-haul coupled-core multicore fiber transmission, FIFO-Less multicore fiber amplifier, Bidirectional transmission using MCF and MC-EDFA, Multicore fiber in cable and transmission trials, Cladding pumped multicore EDFA , and L-band 19-core EDFA at ECOC 2022, September 18-22 in Basel, Switzerland.
The PHUJIN project exhibited its latest research results on July, 3 at the exhibition held in conjunction with OECC/PSC 2022.
NEC, santec, and Furukawa Electric presented conference papers on multi-core fiber amplifier, core selective switch, and multi-core fiber on July 3 at OECC/PSC 2022.
2021 PHUJIN project annual report
Kagawa University presents two conference papers on core selective switch and SDM branching unit at OFC 2022.
The PHUJIN project begins a four-year R&D program to develop basic technologies for future high-capacity and economical SDM optical networks.

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