What is the PHUJIN project?

The PHUJIN project is a national project supported by the National Institute of Information and Communication Technology (NICT) that seeks to scale the optical network capacity while decreasing the routing cost-per-bit and extending the optical reach by introducing a spatial bypass through a spatial cross-connect that incorporates a core-based routing capability.

Why is the project named PHUJIN?

Fujin is the Japanese god who controls the wind using a large bag of wind he carries on his shoulders. We call the project PHUJIN because just as the god allows the wind to flow freely, the project supports future Beyond-5G Communications services by freely transporting the ultra-large data flows generated by these services using lightwave technology.

What does the PHUJIN project cover?

The PHUJIN project comprises five subprojects:

  1. SDM optical network node design project (Kagawa University)
  2. SDM optical network system project (KDDI Research)
  3. SDM omnidirectional optical amplification project (NEC Corporation)
  4. SDM optical switch project (Santec Corporation)
  5. SDM high-density wiring / connection project (Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.)

How long will the PHUJIN project run?

The PHUJIN project was started in August 2021 and will continue for four years.

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